(6, 7 & 8TH NOVEMBER 2019)

At the Ist Virtual International Congress we aim to bring together the Agile Community with Agile Sales, Agile Marketing & Agile Leadership coaches from around the world. We aspire to communicate the knowledge, methodologies and effective techniques that will boost business sales for our attendees.

+26 interviews with Agile coaches from around the world
+15 hours of digital content. 

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Deepti Jain

Jim Ewel

Roland Smart

Michael Nir

Richard Kasperowski

Luis Font

Luca Leonte

Pam Ashby

Ryan Behrman

Martin Lambert


Chris Morrison

María Matarelli


Halina Maier


Greg Mester


Jean-Pierre Lambert

Andrea Provaglio

Ellen Duwe


Marina Alex

Deborah Ghisolfi

Sanjay Kumar

Maria Scheiffler

Nic Sementa

Pia Maria Thoren

Mitchell Malloy

Vadim Arefiev


Day 1 - 6th of November



6th Nov

Applying Agile to Marketing (With Jim Ewel)

6th Nov

Why Agile in Sales? (with Marina Alex)

6th Nov

→ How Agile born from Software can revolutionise your Sales? (With Deepti Jein)

6th Nov

Scrum Or Kanban In A Marketing Team? (With Deborah Ghisolfi)

6th Nov

Implementing Agile Sales & Marketing In Your Organisation (With Luis Font)

6th Nov

The Agile Effective Practices (with Sanjay Kumar)

6th Nov

The 3 Top Keys for Efficiency in Agile Sales Project Management (With María Matarelli & Nic Sementa)

Day 2 - 7th of November



7th Nov

Question-Time: Real Cases of Agile Scrum for Dummies (With Martin Lambert)

7th Nov

Why and How Marketing and Sales Should be part of the SCRUM AGILE Team? (with Jean-Pierre Lambert)

7th Nov

→ Agile Transformation: How To Adapt Your Business Step By Step (With Deepti Jain)

7th Nov

→ How To Leverage Your Web Team To Drive Agile Marketing Transformation? (With Roland Smart)

7th Nov

The Role of Marketing Function in Agile Organization Led By Empowered (With María Scheiffler)

7th Nov

How Agile Cross-Functional Team Can Improve a Company’s Revenue (Halina Maier & Ellen Duwe)

7th Nov

Agile Communication To Get Effective Results (Pam Ashby)

7th Nov

How to be an Agile Leader (Greg Mester)

7th Nov

Conflict management in Agile Transformation (Vadim Arefiev)

7th Nov

→ Building High-Performance Teams (Richard Kasperowski)

Day 3 - 8th of November



8th Nov

→ Question-Time: All about Agile Lean & Kanban for Dummies (Mitchell Malloy)

8th Nov

→ The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Adopt Agile Lean DevOps (Michael Nir)

8th Nov

The Agile Market Entry: Keys during the launch of products for their success (Chris Morrison)

8th Nov

How manifest Business Agility and reduce time-to-market, innovating faster? (Andrea Provaglio)

8th Nov

Value Driven Agility, a fundamental concept for maximizing (Luca Leonte)

8th Nov

Agile People Coach - an alternative career for HR and Leaders in the future of work (Pia-Maria Thorén)

8th Nov

The Challenger Sale: Selling B2B services the Agile way (Ryan Behrman)

*We’re organizing all the content of the Agile Sales & Marketing Summit. 

We’ll let you know all the content by email soon:)
We know you’ll have an incredible experience while learning how to transform your business.

1st Day


November 6th, you'll learn about: 

  • Why Agile in Sales?
  • Tricks to Train Yourself in Kanban Method
  • Keys for Agile Project Management & Agile Sales.
  • How  Retailers Can Adapt to Agile Sales. Re-evaluation of Agile Processes.
  • Improve your Purchasing Processes with Agile Sales in 7 Step.
Agile Sales Hero 1

2nd Day


November 7th, you'll learn about: 

  • The origin of Agile Scrum: Why Apply It in Your Business.
  • Agile Scrum & The Office of The Future: Agile Organizational Design for Digital Times
  • Transform your Business with Business Agility in 7 Steps.
  • 5 Traits of An Effective Agile Scrum Master.
  • The 3 Secrets in Business Process Management with Agile Scrum.
  • 5 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience (CX) with Agile Scrum.

3rd Day


November 8th, you'll learn about: 

  • How To Optimize a Strategy Execution to Accelerate Revenue Growth.
  • How To Turning Customer Experience Into Your Competitive Advantage.
  • Agile Communication To Get Effective Results.
  • How To Write Intelligent Content to Persuade Your Clients.
  • Tricks to Evolve with a Business Purpose Design Model in 5 Steps.
  • Agile Leadership: 5 Ways to Get an Agile Career Path.

Why should you join?


You’ll boost your sales and discover the tools used
to adapt and change into a Digital Business.
Generate disruptive ideas.

Discover the future of Business. It’s almost here.

Your business needs to get the Digital Transformation.

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Strengths you will acquire

Agile Sales

A methodology that improves processes and sales results through iterative and collaborative processes. Agile Sales creates consumer demand. The sales process is achieved by using automated tools to satisfy the customer.

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is an effective approach to Marketing, based on Agile Software Development. Agile Marketing aim to improve the quickness of processes and satisfy customer. Iterative processes and sprint planning improve the results and get a prototype that meets customer needs

Agile Scrum

An organizational framework, designed for collaborative excellence, thanks to the coordination of roles and experiences. It is an effective methodology for planning projects through sprint sequences.
It is possible to assess customer satisfaction levels.
Avoiding disagreements at the end of a delivery.


An essential part of an organization to affect true Agile Business and get the change.


An iterative process in which we thrive to understand the user’s pain, challenge assumptions and redefine problems to create new strategies and solutions.


This methodology gives way to prototype and validate ideas with final customers to define a product road-map.
It combines the most effective strategies of
Design Thinking and UX.

Expectation of ONLINE impact

More than 30.000 users impacted internationally.

Expectation of potential attendees

More than 10.000 attendees from around the world.

The Rigor of our Speakers

We are in alliance with the most renowned Agile Marketing coaches, from Russia, Germany, UK, USA, Australia & Spain. The pioneers in transforming sales teams into agile sales teams.

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